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The Arched Cabinet Revamp

DIY Arched Cabinet Makeover

I came across a cabinet on Facebook marketplace and instantly fell in love. It’s not often that I can put on my creative lenses and can see the potential beauty of an old piece, but with this one I just knew right away! I sweetly begged Paul that a 4 hour round trip would be worth it, and to my surprise – without hesitation, he agreed!

It was a cold December morning, Grandma arrived to babysit Harper and we loaded up our moving supplies to hit the road. As I pulled up my message to plug the address into my GPS I was greeted by a message that literally made my heart sink. The lady decided that she was going to hold onto the piece and give it to a family member instead. It’s just a cabinet right? But in that moment, all of my beautiful cabinet dreams were crushed!

I searched marketplace daily for another similar cabinet, but the closest I could find was 4-8 hours away. I decided to post an ISO (in search of) add and pretty much gave up all hope. 2 months had passed, but I woke to the most exciting message that a lady had one available and was 30 minutes away!! Christmas came late, but we jumped in the truck and scooped but this bad boy up before she could change her mind!!!


Be honest, could you see my inspiration (below) in this before picture?

The transformation was actually a lot easier than I had expected! I was most worried about taping all the glass off and getting clean paint lines with the intricate trim. I painted the front door of our old farmhouse black and it had arched glass windows at the top. Let’s just say, I never got around to scraping the paint off the glass before moving. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the glass was to take in and out.

I posted a pretty detailed “Arched Cabinet” highlight on my Instagram page which can be found here.

My most asked question is what kind of wood I used for the back and shelves. I knew I wanted white oak but we don’t have it readily available in Michigan so we went with White Oak plywood and edge banding. Well, we have still yet to add the edge banding but… we will. 🙂

Click the images below to take you directly to the item.

We used 1/4″ for the back

and 3/4″ for the shelves

7/8″ edge banding

And the one item that was a COMPLETE game changer that you must have are these soft sanding blocks. It made the edges and detailed trim a million times easier.

Soft Sanding Blocks

My second most question I get is how much did this transformation cost! I set a budget for myself to not spend more than $300 on the cabinet itself, we lucked out on our second find for $200. Here’s an estimated cost breakdown.

If this made you as desperate as I was to find one of these cabinets, use keywords such as Philip Reinisch Curio Cabinet and Arched Cabinet to help your marketplace search.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, and I’d love it if you tagged BootsandGrace in your transformation as well!!

Now for the before and after!

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