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The Best Easter Basket Ideas for 1&2 Year Old Girls!

These Easter basket ideas for 1-2 year old girls are the perfect way to celebrate your little one’s first (or second!) Easter. This is such a fun age full of so many firsts, so putting together their Easter basket is special not only for them, but also for you!

Have a good Easter and good luck with your shopping!


The Basket

Let’s start with the foundation – The Basket!

I spent a decent amount on Harper’s Easter Basket last year from Crate & Kid’s as I knew it would be re-used for years to come. Sadly it is no longer available, however I found this similar one for a fraction of the cost!

Stuffed Bunny

Don’t forget the most classic toddler Easter basket filler of all time – an adorable stuffed bunny! Little girls love cute stuffed animals that they can play with, so this is a fun gift in addition to being perfectly Easter-themed.

Easter Books

Toddler books are really great Easter basket ideas and there are some really fun classics that are spring-themed that your little one will LOVE.

Bathing Suit

If you know you’ll be visiting the beach, then another fun summer-related Easter basket idea is a cute little bathing suit!

Just about any toddler bathing suit that you find will be adorable, but our favorite brand is RuffleButts. They have 50+ sun protection and cover their arms and chest. This is a really great idea if you’ll be outside because their delicate skin isn’t quite ready for the sun’s rays and some sunscreens are still too harsh for them.

Gardening Set

Let’s get to the fun stuff!

Nothing makes a little girl happier than having their own version of something they watch their parents use…and these gardening sets not only make them happy, they’re also the most adorable gifts out there.

Outdoor Toddler Chair

These outdoor chairs are absolutely adorable…and they will get such good use!

If you want to be creative, you can also just use this in place of the basket and put all of your Easter basket fillers right in the seat.


To round off the Melissa & Doug Pretty Petals Collection – your little one will have a BLAST running through this sprinkler on a hot summer day.


Bows are one of the best gift ideas for a little girl on ANY occasion. You just can’t have too many bows!

These are my absolute favorite and they have dozens of cute little designs.


I always like to round off our basket with some new pajamas to end the night in (I always wash first, of course).

There is nothing more adorable than Harper running around in her big girl jammies, and these Burt’s Bees are our favorite!

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