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Hey there! First thank you so much for visiting my blog, I am so happy you are here and interested in our home.

Over the past 4 years my husband and I have enjoyed adding our own touch to the 3 homes we have lived in. With each project we’ve gained more confidence, so naturally my inspiration and honey-do lists continue to grow. We recently just moved into our new build home and we are so excited to start customizing it to take it from builder grade to custom made.

A little background about me. My name is Samantha Kaminski. I graduated high school with a toddler and decided to venture cosmetology school. My plan was to do hair on the side while I went to school for criminal justice. I always had a passion to be a juvenile probation officer. I quickly learned that cosmetology school just wasn’t for me and worked a couple part time jobs to provide for my family. Through a family friend I was given the opportunity to experience Corporate America and work in the mail room at Wolverine Worldwide – for this I will forever be grateful. Through hard work and determination, I am still employed with WWW over 15 years later. I’ve held various roles over the years, but I knew I found my forever career when I landed in Product Development. I’ve learned so much and gained a whole new understanding for quality and design.

Fast forward to November of 2019 when I left for maternity leave… We were finishing up last minute renovations on our 1890’s farmhouse to list, and breaking ground on our new build – all in the uncertain times of Covid. I was a new mom, exhausted, quarantined with an infant and suffering from postpartum depression. I was living the fairytale life I’ve always imagined and there was so much excitement happening in our lives, but I felt like I was drowning. You know the saying, If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life? For 15 years I made the same 30 minute drive to and from “work”, doing what I loved. It wasn’t until I started looking at house plans and choosing our new home selections that it dawned on me what I was missing. Process, decisions, creativity and design. Whether footwear or homes, the design and development process is the same. I felt like myself again!!

Here we are in January of 2021 and I have yet to return to the office, and what a blessing in disguise it has been! I’m working full time from home, I’ve been able to watch Harper grow for over the first year of her life, I’m enjoying every bit of being quarantined in our brand new home and I get to interact with all of you!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for bringing the joy back to my life. Every message, comment and like truly mean the world to me.

We can not wait to upgrade this house to better fit our style and take you all along for the journey. I strive to create minimal, organized but functional spaces for our family. With having a toddler and dog our home is a mix between DIY projects and investment pieces. I am always looking for the right investment pieces that will last us years to come, and where we can save while still giving a big impact.

Thank you again for being here and interested in our home. I cant wait to start sharing our journey with you all.

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Hi! I'm Samantha.

Boots and Grace is a home design, DIY & family lifestyle blog where my love for family, creativity and food all come together.

Your home should be a reflection of your unique and personal style. I am here to inspire you to create a home that is intentional and that feels like YOU!


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